Emplug Radio

Recognising that some of our audience and clients are typically busy engaged in carrying out their businesses and various daily activities, businessmen, employers, job seekers and our Empluggers who keep busy one way or the other, Emplug online Radio is sure to keep you fully informed on everyday developments in the business and entrepreneurial world, this would also feature sharing of business topics, entrepreneurial challenges and solutions, feature stories from both budding and fully established entrepreneurs. Emplug radio is steady going to be a social but yet business driven medium for everyone to stay plugged.

The emplug radio is a non-stop opportunity packed radio with lot of programs to keep listener empowered. The lists of programs include:

Job Plug

On the job plug show, there will be announcement of job placement and how to apply for the jobs. In other words, the job plug keep listeners updated about available jobs. 


The job plug strikes a deal with recruiting firms to get latest job recruitment news available to job seekers. Job seekers  have the liberty to call and ask questions regarding any job of choice.

Motivation Hour

  • This is an interactive show where people talk about issues they are going through and moderator advices. Different topics can be talked about every week.
  • Relationship
  • Career
  • Business
  • Education and so on


Entrepreneurship is a programme to stair up the minds of listener into starting their own businesses. It is going to take the shape of Winning TV programme.


there will be general news cast on business, stock, economy, universities, unemployment and other plans


This is a slot for tech companies and individuals to come on the radio to talk about trending technology. Topics like how to make life easier with technology can come in. The parent company; Emplug can also come on air to talk about it’s products.