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Emplug media is a media arm of Emplug Incorporation that delivers greatly on Advertisement, Magazine, Online Television, and Online Radio. We are known as the channel of opportunities as all our products are channeled towards the course of all-round development.
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Empowering Society Together

Our goal is to act as a vehicle for the community and voluntary sectors, civil society, agencies, NGOs, and citizens to work in partnership to empower and develop self and community as well as broadcasting and visual aims.

Our Products

Online TV

The emplug online tv is packed with lots of exciting and impacting programmes to keep people locked into our vision of being the channel of opportunities.

Online Radio

Enriching, Empowering, and Entertaining: Tune into our Online Radio for 24/7 information, news, and employment opportunities.


Discover Success Stories, Employment Opportunities, and Entrepreneurship: Explore our Monthly Magazine for inspiring content and valuable insights.


Promote Your Brand, Reach Your Target Audience: Leverage our Advertising Services for effective and impactful campaigns.

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Bridging the Gap with Premier Services and Empowerment

Emplug media prides itself on it’s top-rated services, quality programmes, such as events, educational empowerments and much more. Emplug media is a gateway to sure information and a bridge to the gap of unemployment.

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Without Emplug, we would not be able to support our customers in real-time with the efficiency that we do now. The integration with our app makes the process seamless for our customers.

Blair Sturluson

Vivana CEO

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